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Excelsior Capital

A real estate private equity sponsor based in Nashville, TN

that specializes in yield generation by primarily focusing on stabilized income and capital preservation. Our strategy centers around our belief that real estate assets are undervalued in secondary markets that possess strong underlying economic fundamentals. Within these MSA’s, we target stable assets that are located in healthy submarkets and have a strong history of occupancy. To capitalize on this strategy, we focus on assets in the $10M-$25M range, which are often overlooked by institutional investors.

Our Approach

Our principal objective is generating strong (8-12%) cash-on-cash yield for our investors, and as such, we target stable office assets with in-place cash flow.

Midwest & Southeast Markets

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Office Properties

About Us

Excelsior Capital is a real estate private equity firm that owns and operates high quality multi-tenant office assets in emerging secondary markets. Excelsior’s target markets are carefully selected through extensive research into key indicators such as job, population and economic growth and diversity. Our principal focus is capital preservation and investor yield, and as such we target stable, cash flow producing assets.

We believe that in our target markets there are extensive arbitrage opportunities which are often overlooked by institutional investors, allowing us to capitalize on the assets’ purchase value compared to the replacement costs. By leveraging our relationships with local brokerage shops, we are often able to obtain exclusive off-market looks at potential opportunities, allowing us to streamline the acquisition process and gain competitive pricing.

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Excelsior Capital

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