What to Expect When You Invest with Excelsior Capital

What to Expect When You Invest with Excelsior Capital

Have you wondered what it’s like to invest with Excelsior Capital? In this blog post, hear from a few of our investors on their experience.

What to Expect When You Invest with Excelsior Capital

Have you wondered what it’s like to invest with Excelsior Capital? In this blog post, hear from a few of our investors on their experience.

At Excelsior, we pride ourselves on providing a personalized, high-quality investor experience from the start to finish of our process. Our team strives to always be on the forefront, focusing on a “white glove” type approach to direct co-investment opportunities. We ensure that each and every investor within our Active Investment Community feels comfortable and confident going into a new opportunity.

Below you will find authentic testimonials from current Excelsior investors on their investment experience with us.

Leveraging Technology for Efficient Investments

Our investment process has been digitally optimized to provide a quick, seamless experience for both the tech-savvy and the more traditionally-minded investor. Without compromising on our commitment to effective communication, we are able to remove friction for an efficient investment.

This is what one investor had to say about our digital process: “Your document process (and portal access) is simply outstanding compared to the old-fashioned print out the doc, sign it, scan it and return. And, what a breeze to not have to provide the same info over and over again for each investment.”

Another investor agreed, commenting “I want to give you all props for the ease of the process. The preview video and couple supporting docs were all we needed for a 5 min review and decision and then the electronic subscription process was great because it already had most of the address and ACH type info completed. Great work on a great process. I greatly appreciate the ease, it helps me get back to my day job.

Commitment to Core Values

At Excelsior, we focus on the core values of transparency, empowerment, and authenticity. Ultimately, we are real people and investors ourselves, so we understand the importance of trust when making an investment decision. Although our investments may be done at scale, the relationships cultivated with each of our investors is not.

Since Excelsior’s inception, our Founder, Brian Adams, has remained committed to maintaining genuine, trustworthy relationships with each new investor that joins our network. Hear from one client whose review confirms both his authenticity and character:

“I’ve been a client of Brian since 2018 when I first invested in a deal with him. I’ve invested in 2 deals with him, and find him to be very meticulous, honest and sharp. He always calls me whenever I have questions. His team keeps me abreast of any updates on the properties. The best thing about him is that if he finds a deal to be too risky after due diligence, he is not afraid to let it go and protect his investors.

Learn More

If you are seeking premium private real estate investment opportunities that have been highly vetted and digitally optimized by a transparent firm, we invite you to apply to join our Active Investment Community here. (We work with accredited investors.) Or, if you have additional questions about our investment process, you may contact a member of our team here.

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