Understanding Economic Decoupling and Market Response

This will be the first solo episode, where we’ll go more in depth on the geopolitical macro financial trends.
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Podcast: Understanding Economic Decoupling and Market Response

This will be the first solo episode, where we’ll go more in depth on the geopolitical macro financial trends.

Key Highlights

[00:01 – 05:15] Why Geopolitical Macro Financial Trends Matter for Investors

  • Why they are labeled as the killer Ds: Decoupling, De-globalization, Deindustrialization, Depopulation
  • How the geopolitical macro financial trends are affecting the US
  • How real estate investors need to have a broader perspective in order to be successful

[05:16 – 09:40] Why the US is the World’s Police Officer

  • The US has been losing ground in various regions around the world, with Afghanistan being a particularly troublesome example
  • The UN and other large international organizations have been less relevant in the current global landscape, as countries such as Russia and China are not afraid of itIan Bremer, a leader in global political risk research, gave a speech discussing the decoupling of the world into multipolar factions

[09:41 – 17:53] Developing Countries Face Massive Blowups

  • The US and China are trying to disentangle themselves economically in order to avoid conflictRussia has realigned itself with China and Iran, and the US is retaliating with financial and economic penalties
  • How the US will see massive capital flight from these areas due to political instability and economic instability

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