The Secret to Longevity Is Not What You Think

Dwayne J. Clark is the Founder and CEO of Aegis Living. With more than 37 years of senior housing experience, Dwayne is nationally known for redefining the industry.
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Podcast: The Secret to Longevity Is Not What You Think

Dwayne J. Clark is the Founder and CEO of Aegis Living. With more than 37 years of senior housing experience, Dwayne is nationally known for redefining the industry – from the innovative, programmatic design of senior living communities to novel approaches with employee engagement and retention. Dwayne has long been a pioneer in the fields of wellness and longevity, having overseen the care of more than 60,000 seniors. With his wife Terese, he traveled to over 80 countries exploring different healing modalities – from working with doctors and alternative health specialists to engaging in mind, body, and spirit practices. These discoveries inspired his latest book and Amazon Best Seller, “30 Summers More.”

Key Highlights

[00:01 – 13:22] Ways to Live a Longer Life – Better Outlook and a Purpose

  • How societal expectations about age and mortality can have a negative impact on health
  • The role of genetics in longevity and how life choices play a larger role in determining lifespan
  • Dwayne explains cellular death, how it impacts aging and the dangers of unhealthy sugar intake

[13:23 – 32:08] Be Aware of Your Body and What It Needs Right Now

  • Taking tests, compounded specialized supplements, and consulting physicians
  • The importance of drinking water, eating superfoods, getting enough exercise, and quality sleep
  • Why you need seven hours of sleep – detoxification and regeneration

 [32:09 – 38:54] Start Your Day Right – The Power of Gratitude

  • Dwayne’s thoughts on Eastern medicine, herbs, and meditation
  • Evaluating the level of toxicity in your life – the people in your circle
  • Starting your day with an optimistic baseline

[38:55 – 40:06] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Dwayne!

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