The Next Generation of Leaders

This episode features an inspiring conversation with Celine Fitzgerald, a next-generation leader from a long line of successful bankers.

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Podcast: The Next Generation of Leaders

This episode features an inspiring conversation with Celine Fitzgerald, a next-generation leader from a long line of successful bankers. Celine shares her story of being in a leadership role at the age of 21, and how she learned to appreciate and understand the scope and breadth of her family’s wealth. Celine also discusses learning to navigate the process of setting up a prenuptial agreement, her sister’s involvement in the NextGen cohort, and the importance of having meaningful money conversations with her partner or family.

Additionally, she talks about interning with the Loyola Family Business Center to gain knowledge on various topics related to wealth management and connecting with peers in similar situations. This episode is essential for anyone wanting to learn more about succession planning, financial literacy, trust, lawyers involved in managing assets, and more. Celine is the next-gen leader. She is G3 and from a long line of successful bankers. While finance is not her forte she is forging her path in the philanthropic space.

Key Highlights

[00:01 – 06:42] Opening Segment

  • Celine Fitzgerald is a NextGen leader and G3 in a long line of successful bankers
  • At the time, her father and his four siblings all went their own way, without setting up a multi-family office
  • Celine plans to have a different conversation with her children about money than her father had with her

[07:17 – 13:47] Navigating the Family Office World: Lessons Learned by a Millennial

  • Understood the value of a dollar and responsible tools to handle wealth
  • How Celine learned about trust, lawyers, and navigating assets
  • How Celine learned about succession planning, governance, next-gen education, financial literacy
  • Connecting with peers is key to success in the family office world

[13:48 – 32:03] Navigating Pre-Nuptial Agreements and Financial Discussions with a Millennial: A Journey of Learning and Growth

  • Start education earlier and use the right words when discussing family assets
  • Choke points have been understanding roles and building reporting
  • Philanthropy is a pillar of the single-family office, which dad is letting daughter manage
  • Women are sometimes assumed to be less intelligent in meetings
  • Conversations about philanthropy

[32:03 – 33:15] Closing Segment

Additional Links:

Celine’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/celine-fitzgerald-3603a18/ 

Brian’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-c-adams/

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