Personal Health is Your Most Valuable Asset

Dive into the roller-coaster world of entrepreneurship with Parker Gates as he shares his journey from burnout to mindful balance.

Podcast: Personal Health is Your Most Valuable Asset

Dive into the roller-coaster world of entrepreneurship with Parker Gates as he shares his journey from burnout to mindful balance.

Parker Gates is a coach, serial entrepreneur, and teacher at Stanford’s d.school. He helps entrepreneurs and leaders suffering from burnout and was one of Brian’s first tenants in a real estate deal many years ago. Parker emphasizes the importance of emotional support and mindfulness for entrepreneurs, such as developing a mindfulness practice to become aware of data points and journaling to become self-aware. He also stresses the need to prioritize values over wealth and take time for reflection to audit one’s life.

Listen as Parker shares how reflection can help individuals realize they may be living a life not in alignment with their values.

Key Highlights

[00:00 – 08:38] From Burnout to Entrepreneur

  • Introducing Parker to the show
  • He has started several companies in the past and now helps entrepreneurs and leaders suffering from burnout
  • How Parker got into Design Thinking

[08:39 – 14:19] How Burnout Can Lead to a Pivotal Change in Life

  • Quitting a stable job turned out to be the most remarkable thing in Parker’s life

[14:20 – 20:57] The Benefits of Mindfulness and Self-Awareness 

  • Creating a mindfulness practice is vital to become self-aware
  • Journaling prompts to pause and reflect
  • Awareness around health, wellness, and mental health is increasing
  • Integrating methods like movement, therapy, etc. into life is important

[20:58 – 35:43] What Successful Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Existential Dread

  • Think about the goals that are important to you and then reverse engineer your way into how much money does that take
  • There is a feedback loop which makes you think you’re winning the game
  • Reflection and journaling can help people live the life they intend to live
  • It is hard to be the black sheep when everyone around you is doing something unhealthy

[35:44 – 40:04] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Parker through the links below

Additional Links

Website: www.ParkerGates.com 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/parkergates/ 

Connect with Brian Adams on LinkedIn!

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