Military Robotics, Autonomous Systems and AI

In this episode, Samuel Bendett discusses the military’s use of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Podcast: Military Robotics, Autonomous Systems and AI

In this episode, Samuel Bendett discusses the military’s use of robotics and artificial intelligence. Sam provides insight into the global implications of these technologies on modern warfare, including how smaller countries can now defend themselves more effectively with commercial drone technology. He also discusses the increasing reliance on counter-UAS rifles and other offensive and defensive tactics to disrupt drone operations and communications with operators. Finally, he explores how AI will be used for data analysis and decision-making in the future.

Key Highlights

[00:00 – 09:01] Exploring Russia’s Military Industrial Complex

  • 1.9 million people from 85 countries attended the 2022 military expo, as it showcased over 20,000 military weapons and systems

[09:02 – 24:40] Exploring the Intersection of Commercial and Military Technology in the War in Ukraine

  • Both sides of the conflict in Ukraine are using commercial drones for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and target tracking
  • Military-designed UAVs are used for longer-range missions than commercial drones
  • Commercial technologies are taking center stage in this war, especially at the tactical level

[24:41 – 30:28] U.S. Leads the Way in UAV and Military Robotics Development

  • Russia and Ukraine invest in large-scale, portable electronic warfare systems to jam signals and safeguard against attacks
  • The US is a global leader in UAVs, but the Ukrainian conflict is different due to countermeasures

[30:29 – 39:21] Closing Segment

  • Due to the conflict, schedules for acquiring military systems have been condensed
  • AI is used for data analysis and decision-making in Ukraine

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