Mental Wellness and The Workplace

Dive into this episode as Corbitt Huseth reveals the transformative power of physical activity on mental health.

Podcast: Mental Wellness and The Workplace

In this episode, Corbitt recounts his journey of wanting to join the military since age three and deploying to Afghanistan at 21, where he became a Sergeant SWAT leader. Hear how Corbett used mixed martial arts training and combat conditioning coordination to help him transition back into civilian life while dedicating his volunteer time to helping veterans’ mental health through physical activity and exercise. Learn about the importance of aftercare for veterans post-deployment and how physical activity, such as walking briskly for 30 minutes, can help improve mental health issues like PTSD.

This episode will surely be inspiring and leave you feeling empowered!

Key Highlights

[00:00 – 08:14] Opening Segment

  • Introducing Robert to the show
  • Leveraging education and experience to help businesses establish and maintain their PMOs
  • He also got a doctorate in health and human performance from MTSU

[08:15 – 19:05] The Impact of Physical Activity on Mental Health

  • Many police officers were former military struggling with substance abuse and suicides
  • Finding the next mission was essential to focus on
  • Exercise science research has been underestimated within the community

[19:06 – 29:52] Exploring the Differences Between Hypertrophy and Strength Training

  • Hypertrophy Training is a minimally invasive approach to helping individuals with PTSD
  • Volume, sets, reps, and weights are essential for an optimized training
  • Strength training focuses on activating muscle spindles and suppressing Golgi tendon organs
  • Nutrition should be tailored to the individual

[29:53 – 35:05] Balancing Fitness, Physique, and Strength with a Busy Lifestyle

  • Calorie intake should be monitored to ensure fat loss and muscle gain
  • 2-3 hours of training per day is required for bodybuilding
  • Healthy eating choices such as chicken, fish, and red meat are important

[35:06 – 38:38] Closing Segment


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