Life-Changing Innovations in the Space Industry

Daniel Kleinmann is an early-stage venture investor at the Explorer 1 Fund. He invests in companies that are fundamental to the success of the new space economy. Listen in!
Life-Changing Innovations in the Space Industry

Podcast: Life-Changing Innovations in the Space Industry

Daniel Kleinmann is an early-stage venture investor at the Explorer 1 Fund. He invests in companies that are fundamental to the success of the new space economy. Listen in!

Key Highlights

[00:01 – 17:14] Get to Know the Space Industry

  • The first wave of the space economy was started in 2017 when SpaceX achieved reusability with its launch vehicles. This opened up the doors to send more assets into space, which has resulted in experts believing there will be 150,000 satellites in orbit by the year 2057.
  • The second wave of the space economy is focused on building infrastructure and orbit to support all the volume of satellites and assets up there. This includes developing refueling hubs for satellites, data relay systems, and moving things around in space.
  • Daniel discusses timelines and points out that there are already some investments in place, as well as opportunities for new investment in space infrastructure and applications.

[17:15 – 26:39] Insider Updates and Space Travel Facts

  • The lunar economy is something to be excited about. NASA is going back to the moon at the end of this year, and there’s the human landing system in place.
  • There are a number of factors that contribute to the high price of space launches, including geopolitical tensions and the need for reliable and reusable vehicles. Additionally, the new space economy is producing a number of talented entrepreneurs, and there are a variety of geographies where private investments in space are being made.

[26:40 – 29:38] Stepping into the Space Industry

  • A big misconception about getting into the industry is thinking that it will take too long and too much capital to establish a space industry.
  • It’s important to have the right mix of technical and investing backgrounds to be able to tackle the space industry. The timing for establishing a space industry is ripe with opportunity.

[29:39 – 31:35] Closing Segment

  • Reach out to be educated and be up-to-date with what’s happening in the new space economy.

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