An Inside Look at Asset Management in Today’s Environment

What does it take to effectively manage financial assets? With the numerous financial instruments out there, how do we determine which is better for you than the rest?


Podcast: An Inside Look at Asset Management in Today’s Environment

What does it take to effectively manage financial assets? With the numerous financial instruments out there, how do we determine which is better for you than the rest? Join us as my guest, Louis Frank, and I discuss in-depth aspects of financial management such as access to deal flow, the process of vetting investments, and the difficulties that come with operating private equity portfolios.

Key Highlights

[00:01 – 10:07] Navigating the Waters of the Finance Industry

  • Louis Frank is responsible for managing the LotusGroup Alternative Asset Platform, which involves strategy design, manager due diligence, and portfolio management.
  • The mindset of battle alternatives has changed over the last few decades, as advisors have become more aware of the risks involved in traditional fixed-income investments.
  • When choosing where to invest, understand the space and look at the companies themselves. It is important to have a good team in place that can help you navigate these waters.

[10:08 – 20:32] The Search for Diversified Opportunities

  • In reality, building a network takes a huge amount of time. It is a full-time job and it is extremely important to keep in touch with networking opportunities.
  • Private practice requires finding the right partners and vendors to help provide scalability and efficiency.
  • Consider automation and make sure that the processes are as efficient as possible to get the work done in a timely manner.
  • Louis discusses the focus on offering diversified opportunities to their clients, as well as their own separate company which specializes in life settlement products. The company is investing in slow, steady returns rather than in high-risk private equity.

[20:33 – 31:07] A Deeper Look into the Financial Assets

  • Access to good deals and allowing minimum investment is important, as it allows smaller investors to invest in the deals.
  • Louis emphasizes the importance of looking at private equity in light of current macroeconomic conditions.
  • Interest rates are going to rise and borrowers should consider taking out real estate loans with floating rates to protect themselves from rising interest rates.
  • A life settlement is when a company buys the beneficiary interest of a life insurance contract from the policyholder. This allows the policyholder to receive cash or assets instead of receiving insurance benefits. There are many benefits to receiving a life settlement, such as avoiding estate taxes and receiving cash immediately.

[31:08 – 33:16] Closing Segment

  • The trend of families is becoming more global and it boils down to ensuring privacy and risk.

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