Investing in Commercial Real Estate Through Insurance Vehicles

One of the most common challenges many real estate investors run into is having enough cash reserves to participate in all the deals they want to do.

[Webinar] Investing in Commercial Real Estate Through Insurance Vehicles

One of the most common challenges many real estate investors run into is having enough cash reserves to participate in all the deals they want to do. One often overlooked source of investment capital is Cash Value Whole Life Insurance. Not only can this method of capital accumulation allow you leverage you may not have known you had, it can also help to grow its value in one of the most tax-efficient ways allowable.

In a webinar hosted on May 29th, 2020, we were joined by Brock Fortner from StoneCentury Financial, David Befort from Max Performance Financial, John Perrings from StackedLife Financial Strategy as they presented on and discussed the power of this investment vehicle and real world examples of when it’s worked.

In this webinar we cover:

  1. How to use life insurance to acquire other assets
  2. The benefits of using whole life insurance as an insurance vehicle
  3. Creating your warehouse of cash
  4. How to accumulate capital without going to outside sources
  5. Case studies covering real life examples

If you’re interested in utilizing a safe, reliable investment vehicle, you may want to consider long term life insurance.

Some highlights from the webinar:

What specific benefits do you get from using life insurance as an insurance vehicle

  • Guaranteed
  • Uncorrelated to the market
  • Tax-Free Accumulation and Distribution
  • Tax-Free Dividends
  • 100% Creditor Protected (depending on state)
  • Leverage

How can you realign your assets to create a system that assists each other to work towards the same goal?

By creating an asset stack, you have to focus on capital accumulation first. Using life insurance cash value as your source of capital, you can essentially create your own private “bank” by readjusting the flow of your money. You can essentially get a loan from the insurance company to deploy capital.


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