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We believe in providing a superior investment experience, unlike any other.

We always strive to be on the forefront, providing investors access to direct co-investment opportunities with a “white glove” type approach.


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Reinventing the private investment space.

Excelsior was founded to solve a recurring problem in the commercial real estate space: high net worth individuals, families and boutique wealth management firms oftentimes only had exposure or access to commercial real estate opportunities through complex funds, large institutional-oriented asset managers, or through the REIT market.

Our solution provides access to direct co-investment opportunities on a deal-by-deal basis, focusing on capital preservation with upside opportunity and leveraging the tax advantages that come with direct real estate ownership.

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We work with accredited investors interested in exclusive access to highly vetted real estate deals.

Our People

We have over 125+ years of combined industry experience.

Brian Adams

President & Founder

Greg White

Greg White

Senior Asset Manager
Taylor Kniffin

Taylor Kniffin


Jarrod Arnold

Sheryl Callison

Sheryl Callison


Willis McCrickard

Willis McCrickard

CCIM, Senior Associate

Eric Massey

Eric Massey

Executive VP of Asset Management

William George

William George

Senior VP of Investments

Lilly Marks

Lilly Marks

Content Marketing Manager


Our Values


We realize the importance of trust when you invest with us, which is why effective communication is at the core of everything we do. From property updates to distributions, you will know exactly where your investment stands at any point in time.


We believe in empowering our investors. We’ll give you the tools to succeed beyond your investment. Learn, network and grow through our investment platform and take your portfolio to the next level.


We’re real people and investors ourselves. Our investments may be done at scale, but the relationship we have with each of our investors is not. For us, connecting with our community isn’t just professional – it’s personal. 

Investors that leverage our platform see real results.

Experience the difference when you invest with Excelsior.

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