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Because we can only bring a certain amount of deals to our investor network, we’ve partnered with outside firms to bring you access to the best alternative investing opportunities. 



In this hour long online session, we will be hosting two guest presenters that will introduce their investment opportunities, allowing time at the end for open discussion and Q&A.




We simply want to make it easier for our network to find great investment opportunities. Listen in on two deal opportunities that you may not have been able to discover on your own.

Excelsior Capital Club

A new way to access alternative investment opportunities.

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We will be hosting all pitches through a Zoom webinar that we will release each month. Register online to receive materials to review beforehand.



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After you’ve registered, we’ll send over any key information you may need to review the company and deal opportunity ahead of time.



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Watch the pitch live and ask any questions you need answered on the webinar. If you would like to take action, you’ll contact the presenter directly.


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Upcoming Pitch Details

 In our next Excelsior Capital Club pitch, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from Tyler Cauble as he presents on Salt Ranch, a boutique hotel development and acquisition, and Coyn Mateer as he presents on Contango, a fixed income crypto product.


Salt Ranch

Deal Sector: Real Estate

Total Raise: $3.75M

Sponsor has opportunity to acquire a currently cash-flowing historic motel property with the intent to redevelop the property into an Americana-inspired boutique luxury hotel to provide an intimate lodging and dining experience that celebrates the Nashville culture and lifestyle. With a clubhouse that offers upscale family-style dining experiences, outdoor soaking tubs, and a poolside bar, Salt Ranch will be unlike any hotel currently in the Nashville area. Salt Ranch will benefit from the diversified nature of midweek demand for hip corporate business, the entertainment industry, as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties all looking for a unique bonding experience.

Sponsor is partnering with an award-winning hotel developer, Jordan Fife, who has created hotels ranked at #1 in the world by outlets like Conde Nast. With Fife’s specific experience in renovating historic hotels, the property will create a reputation for being authentic, design conscious, and moderately affordable without compromising a luxury experience, resulting in superior performance and an elevated position within the market.

Presented By: Tyler CaubleConnect on Linkedin




Deal Sector: Cryptocurrency

Total Raise: $500k+

UTXO Management is offering a new fixed income product for investors to take advantage
of yield opportunities in the crypto space. This product is designed to produce a consistent
rate of return on USD without exposure to the volatility of crypto prices through market
neutral strategies.

UTXO Management is offering this product in conjunction with QCP, one of the leading
crypto derivatives trading firms based in Singapore. The yield on this product comes from
several market-neutral arbitrage opportunities in the crypto markets.

Presented By: Coyn Mateer | Connect on Linkedin


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