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Because we can only bring a certain amount of deals to our investor network, we’ve partnered with outside firms to bring you access to the best alternative investing opportunities. 



In this hour long online session, we will be hosting two guest presenters that will introduce their investment opportunities, allowing time at the end for open discussion and Q&A.




We simply want to make it easier for our network to find great investment opportunities. Listen in on two deal opportunities that you may not have been able to discover on your own.

Excelsior Capital Club

A new way to access alternative investment opportunities.

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We will be hosting all pitches through a Zoom webinar that we will release each month. Register online to receive materials to review beforehand.



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After you’ve registered, we’ll send over any key information you may need to review the company and deal opportunity ahead of time.



Attend Pitch

Watch the pitch live and ask any questions you need answered on the webinar. If you would like to take action, you’ll contact the presenter directly.


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Upcoming Pitch Details

 In our next Excelsior Capital Club pitch, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from Clarence Williams as he presents on Bergamot Music Fund IP I and Keith Samaroo as he presents on the Creative Way Village Community.


Bergamot Music IP Fund 1 LP

Deal Sector: Music Publishing and Sound Recording

Total Raise: $100M

Bergamot Music IP Fund 1 LP (the “Fund”) is in the process of raising $100 million to invest in the music publishing and sound recording industry. As a product of Bergamot Asset Management LP and Phase One Network, Inc., the Fund will aim to take a differentiated approach and look at content from an asset management standpoint, seeking to buy under-managed music catalogs to optimize underperforming assets. 

Bergamot was founded in 2019 and its Executive Team cumulatively has over 60 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. Phase One Network was founded in 2003 by Frank Babar, who leads a team of 13 employees with over 90 years in the music Industry. 

Presented By: Clarence WilliamsConnect on Linkedin



Creative Way Village

Deal Sector: Real Estate

Total Raise: $2M

Creative Way Village is a new community of Brownstones, Apartments, and Retail space in Nashville, TN and is ideal for residents looking for easy access to Downtown Nashville in 8 minutes. We are seeking $2M of preferred equity capital to complete Phase III of our commercial project which includes 27 rentals and 9,000 sq ft. of retail space.

Samaroo Development Group is a privately owned, family business, with over 50 years experience in development, acquisitions disposition and asset management in NYC & Nashville. Keith Samaroo, President & CEO, has over 25 years in the real estate development industry specializing in complex waterfront rezoning and brownfield redevelopment. Chelsea Moubarak, Director of Business Development, is a Nashville-based entrepreneur with a background in creative and strategic communications and local infrastructure / city-level issues.

Presented By: Keith Samaroo| Connect on Linkedin


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