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In addition to our own syndicated commercial real estate opportunities, discover value beyond the investments through Excelsior Capital Club, a community of like-minded investors and professionals looking to expand their knowledge with new ideas and best practices within the broader market landscape. Members gain access to…


Exclusive alternative investment opportunities


Pitch sessions with Excelsior's industry partners


Access to a private LinkedIn group of investment professionals


Premium investment content and expertise


Local networking events

Capital Club


In-person sessions hosted quarterly consisting of a new alternative investment opportunity and corresponding educational panel on the topic


Capital Club


Our rapidly-growing network of like-minded professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of industry trends and alternative investment exposure

Excelsior Capital Club

A new way to access alternative investment opportunities.

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You’ll be notified via email when we have a new event opportunity in your area. RSVP online to receive the event details and any corresponding investment materials.



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Pitch sessions are hosted by a panel of industry experts that will provide education, introduce their investment opportunities, and allow for open discussion and Q&A.


Expand Your Network

During each session, you’ll be introduced to a network of like-minded investment professionals. We’ll leave it up to you to connect with others as you grow your network. 


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Capital Club allows us to host guest panels around the nation, but we don’t want you to miss out on our internal investment offerings.

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