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Because we can only bring a certain amount of deals to our investor network, we’ve partnered with outside firms to bring you access to the best alternative investing opportunities. 



In this hour long online session, we will be hosting four guest presenters that will introduce their investment opportunities, allowing time at the end for open discussion and Q&A.




We simply want to make it easier for our network to find great investment opportunities. Listen in on two deal opportunities that you may not have been able to discover on your own.

Excelsior Capital Club

A new way to access alternative investment opportunities.

How It Works


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We will be hosting all pitches through a Zoom webinar that we will release each month. Register online to receive materials to review beforehand.



Review Materials

After you’ve registered, we’ll send over any key information you may need to review the company and deal opportunity ahead of time.


Attend Pitch

Watch the pitch live and ask any questions you need answered on the webinar. If you would like to take action, you’ll contact the presenter directly.


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Upcoming Pitch Details

 In our next Excelsior Capital Club pitch, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from our four presenters: John Bergamini, Mark Phillips, Sam Caspersen and Nate Phillips.


CLO Opportunities Fund – Series 4

Deal Sector: Credit Opportunity

Total Raise: $40M

Signal Peak CLO Opportunities Fund Series 4 (“Series 4” or the “Fund”) is a single strategy fund that will invest in the subordinated notes or “equity” of a future Signal Peak Capital Management (“SPCM”) managed CLO.

Presented By: John Bergamini | Connect on Linkedin


11 Tribes Ventures, Fund 1

Deal Sector: Venture Capital

Total Raise: $10M

11 Tribes Ventures is an early-stage venture fund with a mission to proactively invest in the wellbeing of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. They seek returns beyond the accumulation of financial wealth, to provide entrepreneurs with the right relational, intellectual, and financial resources that allow them to flourish. Their approach leads to entrepreneurs and companies that are more durable, more sustainable, and more profitable.

Presented By: Mark Phillips  | Connect on Linkedin


Richard’s Rainwater

Deal Sector: Consumer Products

Total Raise: $3M-$9M

Richard’s Rainwater (RRW) is a Texas-based company that captures rainwater and converts it to glass bottled, carbonated water and aluminum can flat water. RRW installs rainwater capture facilities on roof tops of beer breweries, cleans the water, and then bottles and cans the water.

Presented By: Sam Caspersen | Connect on Linkedin


Potential Tax Advantaged Strategy

Deal Sector: Tax Strategy

Total Raise: $10M

Green Rock is real estate development company in Birmingham, AL. that identifies, develops and raises capital for mineral-rich properties. Their executives have a combined 125 years of experience in real estate and mining operations. They create real estate partnerships that offer investors various property alternatives via proxy vote amongst the investing partners.

Presented By: Nate Phillips | Connect on Linkedin

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