October Capital Club

COPILOT TRAVEL | Decimal Crypto Mining | Greatland Escapes

October 8th, 2021 at 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Because we can only bring a certain amount of deals to our investor network, we’ve partnered with outside firms to bring you access to the best alternative investing opportunities. 

Upcoming Pitch Breakdown

  • 0:00-15:00: COPILOT TRAVEL
  • 15:00-20:00: COPILOT TRAVEL Q&A
  • 20:00-35:00: Decimal Crypto Mining
  • 35:00-40:00: Decimal Crypto Mining Q&A
  • 40:00-55:00: Greatland Escapes
  • 55:00-60:00: Greatland Escapes Q&A

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      Upcoming Pitch Details

      October 8th, 2021 at 10:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

        In our next Excelsior Capital Club pitch,  you’ll have the opportunity to hear from Gary Somerhalder, Alex Hung and Andrew Cohan as they present on three alternative investment opportunities.



      Deal Sector: Travel

      Total Raise: $4MM+

      COPILOT TRAVEL is a next-generation travel search and booking engine for global merchants. Their goal is to 1) provide customers with the ability to access new services and product experiences; 2) make it easy for companies to enable customers on their site to quickly find, book, and pay for travel and experiences that they desire without leaving their site; and 3) provide companies and business owners with tools to access new service and revenue opportunities that enhance customer engagement, and monetize existing customer traffic.

      Presented By: Gary Somerhalder Connect on Linkedin


      Decimal Crypto Mining

      Deal Sector: Cryptocurrency

      Total Raise:

      Decimal is a hedged, multi-currency crypto mining platform that is seeking likeminded investors to commit capital to capture the next wave of growth in adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Their plan is to build and manage cost efficient, scalable mining facilities that leverage clean energy and offer outsized return potential. The Decimal approach is an arbitrage engine between electricity and crypto. By converting cryptocurrencies to cash right away, Decimal gains the benefit of this spread and reduces its exposure to market volatility.

      Presented By: Alex Hung | Connect on Linkedin


      Greatland Escapes

      Deal Sector: RV Parks

      Total Raise: $10M

      Greatland Escapes was founded to create the largest independent operator of RV parks in the United States under a single management company. This opportunity allows investors to
      capitalize on a compelling thesis with multiple levers to drive value: Industry growth, profit growth, cap rate compression, more favorable financing terms with scale, stable asset class. 
      Their team’s unique experiences in finance, construction & infrastructure, on-the-ground operations, technology, and sales provides a full suite of skill-sets to source, underwrite, finance, operate, and enhance a diversified portfolio of RV properties.

      Presented By: Andrew Cohan | Connect on Linkedin

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