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Eric Massey

Executive Vice President, Asset Management

Eric Massey joined Excelsior Capital as Executive Vice President of Asset Management in September 2021. He previously was the Senior Vice President of Property Management at Cushman Wakefield/EGS, where he oversaw the direct management of a diverse property portfolio, ranging in size from 1.6MM-2.5MM sf of investment properties. He was responsible for full fiscal and physical operational results, as well as direct communications with owners and key tenants.

Prior to Cushman Wakefield, he was a property tax and CAM consultant representing several Fortune 500 firms. Before this, he was a Senior Vice President at Harbert Realty Services for twelve years, where he led the transaction team for a 2,200-location Fortune 500 healthcare provider, as well as the company’s development group activities. Immediately prior to this, he was an Asset Manager for commercial properties at Daniel Corporation, and led the corporate services team for a top 30 financial institution.


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