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What does it mean to be accredited?

Accredited investors meet a certain set of standards set by the SEC that deem them financially and reasonably able to participate in certain investment opportunities that are not available to retail investors.

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More On Accreditation


Accreditation can be a confusing concept, but we’ve simplified the most relevant points here. After learning why these requirements exist, take our quiz to determine whether or not you qualify.  If you do, we’ll be happy to share further information on the benefits!


Why Accreditation Status Matters

Accreditation requirements were set in place by the government to ultimately protect investors. These standards seek to ensure an investor has sufficient knowledge and/or adequate financial capital to cover potential monetary loss.

How Accreditation is Determined

The SEC has expanded the definition of accreditation, so investors are now tested on both finances and knowledge. The categories for qualification include income, net worth, professional licensing, and relation to private funds.

The Benefits of Being Accredited

Accredited investors gain access to private, high-quality investment opportunities that are not marketed or available to the public. These opportunities are typically riskier but offer the potential for higher returns.



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