Access highly vetted private real estate investments.

Enjoy the benefits of private real estate investing and start earning passive income through our proven and supportive investment experience.

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Never miss out on premium investment opportunities again.

Most real estate investment platforms are either overcrowded with commoditized investment opportunities or so exclusive that the average investor can’t get in. Our firm provides exposure to direct co-investment opportunities, tailored to address the specific needs of high-net-worth individuals and families looking to deploy capital.



Access to Premium, Off-Market Investment Opportunities

As an Excelsior Investor, you’ll gain exposure to direct co-investment opportunities without the need to source them yourself. We keep our process simple, so you can lean on us to do the heavy lifting and enjoy the benefits of private investing.


Institutional Quality Reporting and Analytics

After you’ve made an investment, our team of experienced real estate professionals will handle the operations, management, and reporting at each asset. Through our state-of-the-art investor portal, you can check in on where your investment stands at any point in time.



Investment Resources

In addition to our investments, we aim to provide valuable content and education across the broader market landscape so you can invest with confidence, in real estate and beyond.

Want to gain access to our latest investment opportunities?

We work with accredited investors interested in exclusive access to highly-vetted real estate deals.


Proven investment criteria designed to deliver results.

We focus on four key factors when evaluating our investments to ensure we maximize your long-term potential.

Tangible Assets

Grow your portfolio through real assets that retain value over time.

Tax Efficient Investment Vehicles

Optimize your investment through the tax benefits offered with direct real estate ownership.

Uncorrelated Cash Flow and Upside

Access stable, co-investment opportunities with consistent yields and appreciation.

Inflation Resilient

Hedge against market volatility with an investment that strengthens as inflationary pressures rise.

What Our Investors Are Saying
“As a recent investor in Southrail Business Park and North Park Medical Center, I wanted to extend my appreciation for the remarkable experience I’ve had as an investor with Excelsior Capital. The investment process has been nothing short of impressive, and I must commend your team for the informative and user-friendly investor portal. Furthermore, the personal touch of the handwritten note after my first investment did not go unnoticed; it’s the small gestures that truly set you apart.”
What Our Investors Are Saying

“I’ve been a client of Brian since 2018 when I first invested in a deal with him. I’ve invested in 2 deals with him, and find him to be very meticulous, honest and sharp. He always calls me whenever I have questions. His team keeps me abreast of any updates on the properties. The best thing about him is that if he finds a deal to be too risky after due diligence, he is not afraid to let it go and protect his investors.”

What Our Investors Are Saying

“Your document process (and portal access) is simply outstanding compared to the old fashioned print out the doc, sign it, scan it and return. And, what a breeze to not have to provide the same info over and over again for each investment.”

What Our Investors Are Saying

“I want to give you all props for the ease of the process. The preview video and couple supporting docs were all we needed for a 5 min review and decision and then the electronic subscription process was great because it already had most of the address and ACH type info completed. Great work on a great process. I greatly appreciate the ease, helps me get back to my day job.”



We’re real people passionate about providing a superior investment experience.

The Excelsior Capital team has over 125 years of combined investment experience.



Successful investments start with education.

We aim to provide valuable content and education across the broader market landscape so you can invest with confidence, in real estate and beyond.

Investors that leverage our platform see real results.

Experience the difference when you invest with Excelsior.

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